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Specialty coffee - locally and organically sourced


Espresso Shot | $3

  • Perfectly extracted espresso served with a side of sparkling water. 

Cortado | $3.5

  • Equal parts espresso and steamed milk. Served in a 4oz cup.

Cappuccino | $3.7

  • Espresso and micro-foamed organic milk. Served in a 6oz cup. Silkiest drink this side of the Mississippi.

Latte | $4.2

  • Espresso and steamed milk. Served in a 12 oz cup. Add chocolate, caramel, lavender, or habanero for $.75 - $1 more. Beautiful latte art is free of charge! 

The Five07 | $7.05

  • 5 shots of espresso with 7 oz of steamed oat milk and maple syrup.  Socks will be knocked off. Minds will be blown. 

Machine Brewed Coffee

  • Pricing subject to market - currently Black House blend from Modern Times Roasters, a purposeful blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran.

  • Always brewed fresh and piping hot. A classic cup of joe.

Hand Brewed Coffee

  • House Coffee (Sumatra) | $4.25

  • Rotating Roast (Single Origin) | MKT

Iced Cold Brew | $3.5

  • House blend coffee cold-steeped over 24 hours and served on tap.

Nitro Cold Brew | $4.5

  • Rotating coffee choices, cold-steeped for 22-24 hours, infused with nitrogen when served on tap. Naturally sweet, smooth, and chocolatey.

Watch Me Whip | $5.5

  • Ice-blended espresso drink with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or caramel.