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Specialty Sips


Chai Latte | $4

  • Available as a Spiced Chai OR Vegan, Maple, Ginger Chai

  • Make it a Dirty Chai and add an espresso shot for just a dollar more!

Matcha Latte | $5

  • Ceremonial grade matcha, lightly sweetened with our house made simple syrup.

Hot Chocolate | $3*

  • Organic, delicious, and pairs well with cold mornings and first dates. 

Hot Hazelnut | $4*

  • Creamy hazelnut-cocoa paired seamlessly with organic steamed milk.

*Price subject to size - 8/12/16oz

Sparkling Lemonade | $4

  • Made to order. Add house made lavender, ginger, or habenero syrup for just a dollar more!

Strawberry Special | $4

  • Sparkling water, fresh strawberry slices, house made simple syrup, and lemon.

Espressoda | $4.5

  • Sparkling water with house made vanilla topped with a double shot of espresso.

Kava Shot | $4

  • Common Pacific Island drink that promotes calmness.

  • Must be 18 to consume.